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Putting People On Game

May 19, 2020

Another week of quarantine and social-distancing, another episode on Zoom and this time we have Medinah Monroe from the @cocktalespodcast (@coffeebeandean) joining us from ATL by way of Agg-Town and the homies @caliboundkev@corijyoung from @themiseducatedpodcast joining us from Hollywood.

No time was wasted as the guys wanted to get right into the cocktales... pause? Joe Biden is allegedly a touchy-feely bastard as his past comes under fire... AGAIN, this time for inappropriate touching accusations of a female Senate aide in the in 1993. Will his presidential campaign be tucked before he is?

Jeff shares a really personal story that leaves everyone almost speechless. Honorary Hot Wheels spokesperson/Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, said fuck it and wants to reopen Texas' economy, in the midst of increasing COVID cases in the state and we all agree it's a terrible idea.

Medinah explains why she isn't a "feminist", more of her familial upbringing, her time on reality television and why she won't be wasting anymore of her time having bad sexual experiences, as we conclude the episode with some casual ass-eating conversations. 


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