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Putting People On Game

Oct 5, 2019

  • Intro: Travis Scott “Highest in the Room”
  • Young Thirsty failed to mention that he saw a Jacquese performance last weekend and gives a reiew.
  • Aaron Carter on No Jumper podcast recap, giving Vanilla Ice vibes.
  • Botham Jean, black church culture. Forgiveness.
  • Founder of Mo Town Records,Barry Gordy, retired at 89, why so late tho?
  • Zack Fox new joint and comedy skits, this n!gga mad funny.
  • Wtf is up with man bag culture, nah for real wtf?
  • Swipe Lessons.
  • Party Next Door.
  • Prayers up to Matthew Knowles
  • New Burner Boy video.. tap in
  • New Wizkid..
  • Kash Doll..
  • Cardi B rant
  • Dave East as an Artist or as a Actor? (You tell us)
  • Koffee and Daniel Caesar.
  • Gucci Mane and Meg the Stallion
  • Gucci working with Gucci (Gucci on Gucci) and Gucci band from The Breakfast club.
  • Memphis students giving back to a bullied kid.
  • Sober October.
  • R. Kelly sad he can’t see more than one b!tch at a time whie in jail.
  • Eddie Murphy resurgence in 2020. (stay tuned)
  • Damian Waynes coming back to TV
  • Tyler Perry got a Star on the walk.

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