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Putting People On Game

Oct 1, 2019

On this episode we discuss;  Grambling vs PVU game (Battle of the bands) Sad boys missed the Benny show. Shooting at Polo G concert in Dallas. RIP to Dallas legend Andre Emmett. Dallas violence is at an all time high. Concealed carry vs open carry? Cowboys caught an L. Donald Trump is going to be impeached? (Aint nothing going to happen) Cyber pimpin. Updates on Amber Guyger/Botham Jean case. Botham Jean murder Sept of 2018? Young Thirsty is having the Mandela effect. Is it him or didn’t this seem like it happen earlier this year? Fat Joe claims he’s a Black Latino, we agree. 50 Cent is on a Texas tour at all Specs promoting his Vodka. Serious J Walker gives a Power spoiler. Young Thirsty gives a “Wu Tang an American saga” spoiler. Jesus is King is coming out 10/25 Sunday Service in NY. Emmys came on, n!ggas aint watch. Alec Baldwin roast, Chris Redd killed that sh!t.. New Jack City reboot. Young MA got one of the hottest joints out. Kirk dropped. Kevin Gates got a slappy album. Nowitzki Way. *Putting People On Game does not own any rights to this music or images* Follow @ppogpod Putting People On Game Podcast Available on iTunes, Spotify ,Stitcher and all other streaming services! --- Send in a voice message: