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Putting People On Game

Sep 3, 2019

On this episode we had the opportunity to connect with longtime friend, artist, wordsmith, and philosopher, if you will, Mga-Czar. We discussed several things and Mga-Czar dropped several gems to the point that its hard to even put it into words, so its best that you simple tap in and hit that play button. Below are some of the highlights of what was all covered in episode 36;

  • Reflecting on Action Bronson sounding like GFK,
  • How Young Thirsty almost killed, Czar.
  • Overcoming untimley deaths when being a creator.
  • Old school songs that our parents use to clean the house to.
  • The state of Black culture in Dallas and Black culture as a whole. 
  • Woke vs consciousness
  • Appreciating women.
  • Brotherhood…
  • Eskimo brothers
  • Weed breakdown and cbd canibinoids.  
  • Not being far from slavery. 

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