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Putting People On Game

Aug 29, 2019

On this episode we discuss;

  • Lowtop shoe talk..
  • Big Sean back ya’ll
  • Popeyes Chicken Sandwich
  • Dave Chapelle special is by-far the dopiest sh!t that dropped in 2019

N!gga news:

  • Doja Cat dropped a new video, Jucy, did yall peep? You should if you didn’t and thank us later.
  • White News anchor in Oklahoma mentioned that her coanchor looked like an ape.
  • Paul Moony allegedly is a chester.
  • Johnson and Johnson has to come off them ends because of the opiod crisis
  • Russian spies throwing the puzzy around in the nations capital.
  • Freg and Chance had a weak Sway freestyle.
  • Toy company now owns Death Row records.
  • Trumps fav book is the bible.
  • and much much more....

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