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Putting People On Game

Jan 28, 2022

Check out Human Dior if you are local to Dallas We had a pour a lil liquor out for the fallen soldiers; Wavy Navy Pooh, Betty White, Andre Leon Talley, Louie Anderson, Ian Alexander Jr. Fake gurus are at an all time high in 2022 and we barley starting the year off. Kevin Gates has superpowers, but all jokes aside, Kevin spits some real facts about mental health and his experience. OBJ received his salary all in Bitcoin amongst one of the biggest Cryptocurrency crashes ever. Money messages Vote For Gary (the dope smoking senator) Outlaw Mel Interlude (check out )

Kenzo Show

LV Show produced by Tyler The Creator       

DJ Khalid was on the hard wood but never put his foot on the hardwood? Is this nigga doing the most right now?

Who’s the sultan of Drip? – Tons of things were discussed, just tap in..



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