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Putting People On Game

Dec 16, 2019

First off, my bad for saying this is episode 51 on the audio when its clearly episode 52, I blame is on the Henny.

On this episode we discuss the following;

  • Hennessy White is overrated.
  • Sports owners as well as players riding to the games in helicopters.
  • Do you open the door for all people?
  • Insight on Greek life 
  • Bring Freaknik back
  • Offset got 500k for his bday 
  • MTV Cribs was the original Instagram. 
  • Oprah vs the hip hop community.
  • Russell Simmons has 17 bodies.
  • Copping feels is a thing of the past. 
  • Cuba Gooding Jr is a groper 
  • Kanye and Joel Olsteen 2020 tour 
  • Walmart is the devil.
  • Hood points 
  • Lizzo having her ass out at the Lakers game. 

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