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Putting People On Game

Aug 12, 2019

On this Episode we thought it would make sense to chop it up with Mouce (the artist that created N!ggas in Beemers) We got the opportunity to learn more about his music (past and present as well as future projects to come), his top Florida rapper's list, things and people that inspire him, his love for acting and how he would never compromise his morals for a role, how to create viral moments, internet culture, his ties to Dallas, sneaker culture, corrupt politics and much much much more. Make sure you follow Mouce (because he is funny as sh!t and super talented) on all social media platforms and also check out Money is Revenge on all streaming platforms.  **Sidenote please excuse the audio quality as we were not all physically in the same location during recording** *Putting People On Game does not own any rights to this music or images* Follow @ppogpod Putting People On Game Podcast (Audio Links Below) Available on iTunes, Spotify ,Stitcher  and all other streaming services! --- Send in a voice message: