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Putting People On Game

Jun 15, 2019

On this episode we discuss how 10 years ago someone tried to hijack the "Serious J Walker"name... we also chop it up about, who's their target market. Young thirsty speaks on how he is the last of the millennial's... We also discuss cassette tapes, do you remember that those are? We reflect on the music group Black Street, as that was the first cassette tape Serious J Walker owned. 

We also run through the 1994 billboard charts quickly for some reason and all the great artist that came in at that time...

Was DJ Khaled wyling bout not being number 1?

We also reminisce about Usher when he was signed to Bad Boy at the tender age of 16 singing about sexing down whores..

N!gga news: White suppremisit finally ban from youtube? But wait why are or were they even allowed to put there redderict on youtube considering we always get our videos banned?

Is WeWork concept weak?

Recap of “When you see us” after YoungThirsty actually watched it. 

Always be my Maybe.. Super dope 

Don't watch the new Black Mirror.. 

Kennan is brining back All That?

Boondocks will be returning..

Ya’ll fukin with new future?

Yall fuckin with new Tyga..

Lastly, outro music by Kobe Bryant.. 

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 Last but not least……

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