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Putting People On Game

Jun 13, 2019

On this episode we had the opportunity to sit down and chop it up with the homie DJKMOR and talk influences in regards to DJ's and Music, the Dallas DJ scene and the growth of his brand and future goals. DJKMOR also breaks down n!gga news fun facts for the week with us as we cover, "what is a clout chaser", Zab Judah having a close shave with death, recent incident with David Ortiz, crazy sh!t happening in Sudan, random storm that happen in Dallas, is the Marathon still continuing?, Whats a headass?, and Serious J Walker closes out the podcast in prayer. 

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and make sure you check him out this Friday at the Nines in Dallas or Saturday at Gung Ho on Greenville in Dallas, matter fact just do both and thank me later. All jokes aside you can get at DJKMOR via Twitter: @dj_kmor Book at

Lastly Make sure you are at "The DDDSKO" Sat June 29th as tickets are available now via eventbrite

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