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Putting People On Game

May 19, 2019

On this episode Serious J Walker talks playoffs, and puts Young Thirsty on Giannis Antetokounmpo, and basketball all together (if you wanna be honest) and how things are changing for the NBA. We also unpack the topics listed below as well;

Are colleges the real pimps? Does experience out way education?

Lil Durk and Teyana Taylor song, and the evolution of Lil Durk…

We also have a discussion about baseball, and great throwback baseball movies…

New Aladdin is coming out..

Small reflection on the sitcom “Good Times”, sh!t was Dynomite!

Young Thirsty, talks about how he doesn’t like going to the movies and Serious J Walker explains why its tough to get Americans out to the movies physically these days…

Lamar Odom beat over 2000 chicks and regrets fukin up with Khloe?

Black Chyna, shanking hoes?

Shorty got gifts? Was/is Ray J a musical genius? Fuck it was/is Brandy Norwood a musical genius as well?

Serious J Walker, breaks down the cheat code on Pharrell’s production.

Sh!t talk 💩.....

Think we also made a hit record during this podcast….

Is it homophobic to say pause?

We talk vintage wrestlers… and that one time Wyclef collabed with The Rock…

Small Break down of “Tupac” (Baby on Baby) by Da Baby…

Facebook talk…

Serious J Walker is a smugging (sage) believer..

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