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Putting People On Game

May 2, 2019

On this episode Young Thirsty gets a virus on his computer, fkn round with chrome preparing for the future live stream.

Serious J Walker speaks on Drakes flamboyant Miskeen’ish type Nike shirt he rocked at the Raptors game.  We discuss our fashion regrets in our youth, take a deep dive on vintage colognes that we fked with back in the day... Quick run down on John Singleton’s work, #RIP

We also talk about old Nickelodeon shows for what ever reason! Oh, we finally figured out how to get our podcast on Alexa, ask her about it!

Are they regulating CBD as if its weed weed? We touch on fried chicken comments directed towards Tiger Woods. Why did Yella Beezy fly Trap Boy Freddy out and not let him get any cam time (pause)?  Dogs are apparently sh!tting all over Howards Campus.   Herp alert gets denunked. Are magazines dead? Wtf is super fungus? Did you go early vote! Serious J Walker Sears Michael Blackston is funny (he’s not funny). Hyperloop coming soon to the DFW.  Ralph Lauren wants Americans to be more patriotic and Drake thinks he’s Rick Carlisle..

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