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Putting People On Game

Apr 26, 2019

On this episode we had the opportunity to sit down and chop it up with musical artist and author  David Morgan. For lack of a better word, we unpack a lot of sh!t on this episode, sidenote sorry (not sorry) this episode is so long but we heard you like it like that 👀 but we digress. We discuss and inquire on what happen to David and Devin’s group the Mohican’s, find out the origin of the name and how they got sh!t poppin out in Lubbock when they were attending Texas Tech, and other real life experiences that he went through on his journey to get him on his path of artistry. We also talk about our hip hop influences, how Dallas is the bastard city of Texas and often slept on, how to stick out from the crowd by being your authentic self.

For what ever reason we take a flashback to 2007… Did you go to Fubupalooza? Once again Young Thirsty gets clowned again for not knowing any Black movies and we also unpack some things about the grass root stages of back when it was simply a blog. Tons and tons and tons of things are unpacked in this episode!

Make sure you follow David Morgan on all platforms @davidfnmorgan on all platforms and also be on the lookout for his new book that will be dropping soon entitled “Talk” and go cop his last joint “Life”, matter fact go visit his site

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 Last but not least……

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