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Putting People On Game

Apr 20, 2019

On this episode we discuss Guava Island and celebrate the excellence of Childish Gambino’s artistry. We also get into (pause) Dom Kennedy, is he selling vibes or does he have bars? We also talk about PreachersNsneakers Instagram account, is it cool for the reverend to be a sneakerhead and flex?

Morehouse is now allowing transgender men into their college? How does that make you feel?? Is TI the new Bill Cosby? As an OG is it ok for him to charge up Kodak? We unpack the Kodak Black response tape to TI, have a brief dialogue about Kanye looking much happier these days. Also, wtf happen to Larry Wilmore? Sh!t, do people even buy DVD’s any more (I’m trying to see something)? For whatever reason we also speak on fake asses and bringing back some 2019 Sir Mix A lot feels for the culture. Many things are unpacked in this episode!!!

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