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Putting People On Game

Apr 23, 2021

Shout out to everyone that's been listening while we took a short break, also huge shout out to Manscaped for sponsoring the pod. Make sure you use promo code PPOG for 20% off your purchase plus free shipping and handling, your balls will thank you. 


On this episode we sit down with Arradon, Jaeson Green and Glo Gaines and discuss the following;

  • Post Covid plays 
  • Green and Glo Era 
  • Building a fan/network 
  • Bring Music programs back to the Cliff
  • Fruity loops, how Glo figured it out in a pre Youtube era.I Is life going faster?
  • Johnson & Johnson vacine is causing CVST aka blood clouts
  • Is money real, no frfr is money real?
  • New Project On Trip Don’t Trip
  • If you have ideas for samples you can reach Glo Gaines  
  • Make sure we hold Glo Gaines accountable for our theme song for the pod too lol

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