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Putting People On Game

Mar 17, 2019

On this episode Serious J Walker, JHunna and Young Thirsty get a chance to speak with Sire, cast member and contestant from Jermaine Dupree’s ‘The Rap Game’ Season 5. He discusses what it’s like being in the spotlight at such a young age, artist who have inspired him in his rap career, his new song that dropped, “King James” and how it is living in Atlanta where there is obviously a huge music scene. His experiences that he went through while being on the show and his future endeavors with his rap career. Make sure to follow him on all social network platforms.

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IG: @Sire_YD1T: Sire_YD1FB: SireYD1 

We also discuss SXSW (even though we didn’t go), The Fresh Prince movie trailer, random discussion about Texas’s own Jamie Foxx, reminisce about Ray Charles, and an arsenal of other hip hop topics that happen week of 3/11.

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