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Putting People On Game

Jan 21, 2022

Happy 2022 to all the listeners out there! 2021 was a bitch to say the least but you know the motto, “Fuck that bitch”.

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Tell them yah boy Sweet Baby Clay sent ya.


On this episode we discuss the following:

  • Are we stuck in a pandemic world, Is NYE partying still the move in a 2022 pandemic world?
  • RIP Bob Saget, we had to pour out a little liquor for the big homie,  In case you were wondering what the champagne was hitting for here’s a link
  • Did James Brown lobby to get Martin Luther King Jr. day a federal holiday?
  • Did anyone see the Matrix??? Did it slap, it seems like we all are indifferent on it.
  • Movie theater vs Directly to the Trap viewing
  • Did you know that Black/African American author, Sophia Stewart wrote a book in the 80’s called “The Third Eye” and won a copyright Case for the movie the Matrix?
  • So, we have a new sponsorship coming up in a few weeks and oddly enough their product aligns with us perfectly. *Thanks BeatStars for the sponsorship, we look forward to working with you in the future and appreciate the merch – Jeff, Clay , and Josh”
  • How Stevie Wonder’s ‘Happy Birthday’helped form Martin Luther King holiday.
  • Are the Kardashian-Davidson-West-Fox-Jenner family creating the biggest distraction ever to keep our focus off Travis Scott
  • The City Boys brought Moonman Ye back in for the 2022, shoutout to Future (side note the podcast art is an original photo taken by Jeff of Ye circa 2011 @ SXSW peep the NFT Ye SXSW 2011
  • The Weeknd dropped, why does he look like an old man? What if he really is an old man and he’s been trolling us the whole time…
  • Who had the best fuckin 2021 artist wise? A lot of folks had a nice little glow up.
  • Rick Ross walked out on the 85 South Show and we wanna know why.
  • Jeff is getting Da Baby Burnout, is it about aborting Da Baby?
  • Do you know the origins of ghetto; Ghetto, formerly a street, or quarter, of a city set apart as a legally enforced residence area for Jews.
  • Are concerts back for 2022?


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